Women's Health Clinic

The Asclepios Medical Clinic is pleased to inform you that it is now offering a new service; a women's health clinic. You may refer your patients for a birth control consultation and IUD insertion. Both consultation type can be done separately. You will find the referral form below. You may fax in your requests and we will contact your patient. 

We also accept self referral for patient without a family physician.

If you have any questions in regards to this new service, please do not hesitate to contact us at

613-830-8388 option 4. 

Cardiac Rehabilitation

We're introducing a new Cardiac Rehabilitation Program to help our patients understand what a healthy lifestyle is all about, how it can be improved and how to maintain it. Our dynamic team is there to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle by making your health our priority.

Call us today to see if you're a candidate


GOAT Clinic - Geriatric Assessment Outreach Team

The Geriatric Assessment Team (GOAT) comes to our clinic from the Bruyere Hospital to assess patients over the age of 65 that suffer from anxiety, risk of falls, psychiatry related issues, cognitive testing, and more. 

Patients must be referred by their family doctors for assessment.

ARC - Access to Resources in the Community

Some people living with health problems require extra support to properly manage their conditions, as family doctors are only able to spend limited time in the office with these patients. There are many resources and programs in the community that can provide the necessary time and support for these patients, yet many patients are unaware that such resources exist. That is where ARC comes in place.